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About Us


    Bizzy Body Fitness is a company based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

We provide a variety of health services including personal training, nutrition guidance, bootcamps, and at-home or gym workout programs .

 In addition to the services we also supply high quality fitness products such as resistance bands, waist-sweat belts, gym wear and more. 


      Bizzy Body Fitness was founded in 2018 by Owner & Master Health Coach Tajon Allen. 

  Allen graduated from a top-5 ranked school in the nation for athletics named Bishop Gorman High School.  He then attended the University of Nebraska-Kearney and University of Nevada, Las Vegas for Business Management.

 After helping develop multiple successful gyms in the Las Vegas Area,

Allen decided it was time to further his knowledge in health education and earned certifications for Fitness & Nutrition coaching. Since then we have been able to help thousands of people around the world not only reach their fitness goals, but embrace a healthy way of living and get through critical times such as the pandemic. Our mission is to build confidence and health, because you're never too Bizzy for yourself.

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